12 Tips To Fill Your Life With Joy That Won't Expand Your Waistline

Now that the holiday season is in full swing, it might be time to take a step back to consider our waistline.

What with endless food ladened gatherings. Office break rooms full of tempting treats. And numerous other opportunities to gorge ourselves on tasty morsels. it might be time to implement a survival plan before we do ourselves a mischief.

So step away from the holiday buffet and check out these tips to enjoy holiday celebrations.

  • 1
    Put coffee or tea in a thermos to cut down times visiting the office kitchen area…where most of the goodies are.
  • 2
    Don’t snack on office food unless it is uniquely something to try.
  • 3
    Pack healthy veggie sticks to snack on.
  • 4
    Bring a less-sugary version for your contribution – may be surprised at how many other colleagues are pleased with the option.
  • 5
    It’s a busy time – schedule in some movement with several short fun breaks of 5-10 minutes each day, like walking the halls or taking the stairs instead of elevator, to burn some calories and let go of stress.
  • 6
    When approaching a party or feast, have a healthy snack ahead of time so you eat less during the festivities.
  • 7
    If you have a drink that includes alcohol or lots of sugar, have some food along with it. Put lemon or lime slices in water for a tasty treat.
  • 8
    At the buffet, begin snacking on the veggies. Use a ‘small’ plate, choose some goodies, and then walk away to socialize.
  • 9
    What if you have some sweets…no problem…take a smaller piece than you might usually and eat slowly to let your brain register getting full.
  • 10
    Remember to sleep – enjoy comfy nights to help avoid late night snacking and so control your blood sugar levels.
  • 11
    Choose lean protein to eat – for example turkey, flounder, beans. Trim off the fat and skimp on sauces and gravies.
  • 12
    Make healthy food choices at the table…such as crackers instead of bread, leafy greens instead of casserole, fresh fruit instead of pie. And even if you have that piece of pie, just continue on with making healthier choices at the next meal.

I hope you find that some of these tips will help you enjoy the holiday season without guilt or worry.

The season can be time for celebrating and connecting with people. Make times fun and you will find that it is easier to focus less on food.

And remember to also take time for yourself!

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About the Author - Gary Barclay

Gary is co-founder of Blue Coral Coaching Solutions. He is a Health Psychologist, Lifestyle Change Coach, and Diabetes Prevention Educator. As a master health and transformational lifestyle expert, world traveler, and public educator, Gary uses his unique combination of training and skills to work with individuals and groups to take their lives to the next level of optimal health and healing, while living the life of their dreams.