Gary's Story

How I Got Here
Gary BarclayA few short years ago I was obese — more than 50 lbs. overweight! Worse yet, I wasn’t really even aware of it. Yes, I was wearing much larger clothes than ever before. I had watched my weight climb on the scale. But it never really dawned on me that I had a problem. After all, I was getting older and didn’t that mean I would naturally be getting larger?

I began to notice that I was uncomfortable when sitting. My belly was pushing hard against my pants waistline that somehow refused to increase to the next larger size. I was beginning to find it hard to bend over comfortably. I noticed that I became winded by tasks that I had previously been able to perform with no problem. I realized that my weight and size were getting in the way.

The sad and somewhat frustrating aspect of this is that I had always lived a relatively healthy lifestyle. I come from a large family—mostly boys—and we always had more than enough food. Meals were always healthy—at least based on the nutritional understandings of the time—with lots of protein, vegetables, and fruits. Second helpings, and frequently thirds were the norm. My mother always seemed to fix enough food for one or two unexpected visitors, that often showed up at dinnertime.

In spite of lots of food, I was a skinny kid who was very self-conscious of my very obviously visible ribs. Maybe this was because I was very active, riding my bike everywhere. My bike was my personal and preferred transportation device even into high school. Summer or winter, rain or shine, it didn’t matter. If I was not at home I was out terrorizing the neighborhood on my bike. Fearlessly blasting out of alley ways and roaring through intersections—without looking both ways of course—fast as I could get my legs moving.

As an adult, my eating habits did not change all that much. While I didn’t seem to need as much food as I did as a kid, I continued to maintain a healthy diet during my college years. Fortunately, I married a woman who, like me, loved to eat and preferred a healthy diet. Even my sedentary career in technology didn’t sway my dietary style. Fortunately, unlike the stereotypical computer nerd, I chose to eat real food rather than pizza, Twinkies, and colas.

Eventually I traded the technology field for the farm field. We acquired some land in Kona, Hawaii and created a farm growing award-winning Kona coffee. This was a very physically demanding job that allowed me to eat pretty much anything I wanted in any amount with no weigh consequences. But, as they say, all good things must come to an end. I had to leave paradise and I found myself back on the mainland in a far less physically demanding job. It was at this time that my weight began to climb. Over the next 4 years I would pack on 50 pounds of fat.

You could say I had entered the perfect storm of weight gain—more sedentary lifestyle coupled with the central spread experienced by many as we age, and the abandonment of my usual healthy eating style.

When I made the realization that my situation was not good, I decided to take steps to rectify things. The problem was I didn’t know what steps to take. I knew I needed to lose weight but I had never dieted before and knew nothing about dieting.

Being an academic type, I set out on the path of researching all the diet and weight loss science I could find. I read a vast number of journal articles and diet books. I listened to interviews with so-called dieting experts.

I took courses in nutrition. I investigated the psychology behind the reasons we eat what and when we do. I studied the physiological effects of food on the body and what the medical world had to offer on the subject of weight loss. All of this information helped me determine the best course of action. At the same time, I researched the effects of exercise on weight loss.

I took everything I discover during this crash course and created a program that I felt had a high degree of success. My plan included all the most important aspects of a scientifically sound weight management program. It included an eating plan, a change in my thinking, and, with the help of a personal trainer, a 6-day a workout routine.

Within 12-months I had lost 50 lbs. of fat. I was stronger and healthier than I had ever been in my life. I had more energy and slept better than I had in years. Even my doctor, who had never said a word about my obesity, was impressed. And the best part of the whole thing was that I had enjoyed the process. I wouldn’t say it was easy, but it was never difficult. I never felt deprived and I loved the way I was eating.

Now, almost 6 years later, my weight is stable and I continue to enjoy my eating plan and exercise program. And best of all, I can enjoy an occasional dessert or celebratory meal with family and friends without concern about how it will affect my waistline or health because I am in charge of how I fuel and move my body.

I have decided to bring this program to the public and I would love to share it with you. Schedule a complimentary Discovery Call with me or contact us at Blue Coral Coaching Solutions to learn how we can help you.