Kat's Story

How I Got Here

Kat BarclayI started my professional career teaching in Arizona schools and was lucky enough to be one of the first to introduce desktop computers into Arizona classrooms. Having so much fun with this new technology, I transitioned into the high-tech industry, working with a variety of small to multi-billion dollar computer manufacturing companies. Positions included executive management in international sales, communications, and field training/operations. I created, developed, and managed global distance learning programs, including implementation of a worldwide satellite network and implementation of video, CD, and Web-based training for global usage. I’m a professor of psychology, research, leadership, and business management for several Universities and published author.

As I progressed through my professional careers, stress increased and weight gained. Eventually, I burned out and decided to step back from management – I think this is one of the best decisions I ever made.  I began eating better – used smaller plates to reduce serving size, more veggies, reduced sweets – and I began to improve physical activity, although as I age this is harder to do than when I was younger.  I now collaborate with Gary to help age 50+ professionals find and apply solutions to improve lifestyle and then to maintain those goals to enjoy the many years to come.